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Thursday, September 8, 2011

SEQ paper of Eye - Rawalpindi Medical College - 2010

1.           A middle aged female presented with right painful red eye and gross decrease of vision for last one day. She had complaint of seeing halos in both eyes off and on since two months. On examination visual acuity was hand movement and circumciliary congestion with dialated vertically oval pupil and shallow anterior chamber.
a.            What is the diagnosis?
b.           Give the treatment options?

2.           A 25 years old male presented with gradual decrease of vision. On examination the visual acuity was 6/12 of right eye and 6/36 of left eye which is improving with pinhole test.
a.            Give your differential diagnosis?
b.           How you evaluate the refractive error?
c.            What are the most modern methods to correct myopia?

3.           A young diabetic lady presented with gradual decrease of vision in left eye, which is worse on exposure to sun light.
a.            Give the clinical signs on slit lamp examination?
b.           How you will examine the retina?
c.            Give the best treatment options?

4.           A 15 years old boy presented with severe itching and watering of both eyes in spring season.
a.            What is your diagnosis?
b.           Clinical features?
c.            Treatment?

5.           18 years old boy received tennis ball injury and presented in emergency with severe pain and loss of vision.
a.            How you will investigate?
b.           Give clinical features?

6.           70 years old male presented with drooping of left eye lid and diplopia. On examination the eye was deviated to downward and outward with normal papillary reaction.
a.            How you will evaluate the case?
b.           Investigations?
c.            Give your diagnosis?
7.           35 years old male presented with gradual painful loss of vision in both eyes more in right eye to hand movements. On examination that patient is having circumcorneal congestion, irregular small pupil which is non reacting to light. On slit lamp examination there was complicated cataract along with large KPs.
a.            How you will investigate?
b.           Give two differential diagnosis?

8.           A 40 years male presented with photophobia and watering in left eye. On examination visual acuity was 6/60 and  corneal haze and circumcorneal congestion with corneal ulcer.
a.            How you will examine the case on slit lamp?
b.           Give your diagnosis?

9.           A four months old child presented with epiphora from right eye since birth.
a.            Give the diagnosis?
b.           How you would manage it?
c.            At what age active intervention should be done.

10.        Parents of one year old boy presented with left white pupil of the child for last two weeks. On examination there was a white mass projecting from the retina inward along with blood vessels.
a.            Give differential diagnosis?
b.           How you council the parents?
c.            What are the treatment options?


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