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Monday, January 16, 2012

Community Medicine UHS OSPE - Set 1

1. Suppose you are a Medical Officer, counsel a diabetic patient for a better sugar control by telling him the consequence of uncontrolled diabetes.            (4)

a. Name the above model.                                                           (1)
b. Describe Typhoid by keeping in view the above model.        (3)

3. A lactating mother comes to a Reproductive Health Centre, she wants to delay her next pregnancy for 2 years. Her baby is 3 months old.

a.       Which of the above method of contraception is best for her & why? (2)
b.      Write down the mechanism of action of Oral Contraceptive Pills.     (2)

a. Label the periods marked as A,B & C.            (3)
b. Define latent period.                                        (1)

5. Identify the diagrams and narrate their characteristics?   (4)

6. Study the diagram and write down its four salient features?   (4)

7. A mother brought her 3 year old son to a physician with complaints of weight loss, irritability & swelling of face & lower legs.

a. What is the likely diagnosis?                                                   (1)
b. Write 2 biochemical tests to detect above condition.              (1)
c. What measures should be taken to prevent the development of above condition in other    
    children?                                                                                  (2)

8. The total number of reported live births at a given place was 18,000. 27 children died in the first month of life & another 36 died before the completion of the first year.
Calculate the Infant Mortality Rate.                                 (4)

9. From a village near Taxilla 23 new cases of hypertension were diagnosed during the months of July, August & September. 37 cases of hypertension were already on record. The village had a population of 30,000.
Calculate the prevalence rate of hypertension.                    (4)

10. In a village of N.W.F.P during the year 2007 the crude birth rate was 60/1000 population. 35 infants die due to diarrhea & respiratory infections. The population of village during 2007 was 9,000.
Calculate Infant Mortality Rate.                                                               (4)

11. In a study involving 100 obese women of almost same height, the mean body weight was 85 Kg, with a sample variance of 25 Kg. The data was normally distributed around the mean.
What would be the body weight of 95 % of the sample women?              (4)

12. During the annual Medical check-up of students of a primary school, the Medical
Officer noticed that many students complain of backache at the end of the day. The Medical Officer visited the classrooms & found that the seating arrangement was not proper.
Which likely condition can occur in these children due to improper seating  
      arrangement?                                                       (1)
  1. Identify the above seating arrangements & out of these which is the recommended
     arrangement for school children?                         (3)

13. The given diagram depicts the process of addition of chlorine in water.
a. Identify & define the reaction that take place at point A.       (2.5)
b. Name 3 tests used for detection of free residual chlorine in water.   (1.5)

14. An industry near Taxilla is emitting large amounts of pollutants (smoke, SO2, nitrogen oxides & fly ash), into the atmosphere
a. Write down the major effects of this on human life.                              (2)
b. What measures would you suggest to prevent this health hazard?        (2)

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