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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Images For Trachoma - WHO Grading Of Trachoma

Trachoma, an infection of the eye caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, ranks worldwide as the most common preventable cause of blindness and the second most common cause of blindness after cataract.

WHO Grading Of Trachoma: FISTO
TF: Follicular Trachoma
TI : Trachomatous  Inflammation
TS: Trachomatous Conjunctival Scarring
TT: Trachomatous Trichiasis
CO: Corneal Opacity

 (a) Normal conjunctiva, showing area to be examined. (b) Follicular trachomatous inflammation (TF). (c) Intense trachomatous inflammation (TI) (and follicular trachomatous inflammation). (d) Conjunctival scarring (TS). (e) Trichiasis (TT). (f) Corneal opacity (CO)

Trachomatous inflammation,follicles,scarring and Trichiasis

 Trachomatous Follicles:

Herbert's Pits:

Trachomatous Trichiasis:

Trachomatous Corneal Opacity

Trachomatous Scarring

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