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Monday, January 16, 2012

Community Medicine UHS ospe - Set 2

a. Label the following diagram.                                 (1.5)
b. Describe Measles according to this diagram.  (2.5)

 2. A farmer was bitten by a dog while working in the field & presented in emergency  
with multiple trans-dermal bites on left leg. What should be the management for such a patient?                                                                                 

3. The growth pattern of a 6 months old child is:

a. Interpret the child’s growth pattern.                                                                      (1)
b. What measures would you suggest to correct the growth pattern of this child?   (3)

a. Enlist 4 salient demographic features of this population pyramid.               (2)
b. Which social factors are expected to be there in this kind of population?   (2)

a. Identify the two graphs.                                              (1)
b. Give 3 differentiating features of these graphs.         (3)

7. A 7 month pregnant lady came to a MCH Centre for her first ante-natal check-up.

a. Give the dose, route & schedule of immunization recommended during this period. (2)
   If a lady is bitten by a dog during this period, write important components of management

8. A 40 year old female is having weight of 65 Kg & her height is 5 feet.
  1. Calculate her BMI.                                                                               (3)
      b.   Interpret the result.                                                                               (1)

9. In Punjab during the year 2008, the total number of live births was 1,505,766 & the number of total deaths was 4,24,703.During the same year 10,000 people migrate to Middle East while 15,000 refugees from Swat settled in Punjab. The total population of Punjab during 2008 was 48,506,400. What would be the population growth rate for the year 2008?                                                                                     (4)

10. Serum creatinine level of 100 diabetic patients was recorded. Mean creatinine level
was 125 m.mol/L. The data was symmetrically distributed around the mean. Roughly 95% of the patients had serum creatinine level between 105 m.mol/L to 145 m.mol/L. Calculate the Standard Error (S.E).                                                      (4)

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