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Monday, January 16, 2012

Community Medicine OSPE UHS - set 3

1.A Researcher has observed stressful work conditions as a Risk Factor of coronary Heart Diseases.
1.Name at least 04 types of epidemiological studies that can be used to provide scientific evidence to this observation. (02) 
2. If Odds Ratio in one of the studies comes to be 03, what does it means.(01)
3. If attribute able Risk in one of the studies comes to be 30%, what does it mean. (01)

2.Following is statistical table constructed for the findings of an epidemiological research study.

Alcohol intake
Pts. Suffering from  Ca-esophagus
Not present
1.Name the type of study employed (01) 
2.    2.Calculate statistical inference from this table.   (02)
3.Name one possible confounding Factor  in this study   (01)

3.Following is statistical table constructed for the findings of epidemiological research study.
Pan chewing
Developed Ca-mouth
Did not develop ca-mouth


  1.Calculate Relative Risk. (01)
2.What are the basis of P-value that can be obtained from this study/table. (01)
3.Write down at least 04 demerits of this study. (02)

4. a. Which disease is responsible for this child’s condition?                                    (1)
    b. What measures are being taken in Pakistan for its eradication?                         (3)

5. A 40 year old female is having weight of 65 Kg & her height is 5 feet (1.5 m).
How will you educate this lady regarding her health status?                     (4)

6. The total numbers of reported live births at a given place were 18,000. 27 children died in the first month of life & another 36 died before the completion of the first year.
      Calculate the neo-natal mortality rate.                                                         (4)

7. In Punjab during the year 2008, the crude birth rate was 42/1000 & crude death rate was 12/1000.The total population of Punjab during 2008 was 48,506,400.The net migration rate was zero during the year.
Calculate the time period required for this population to double.                 (4)

8. In a study involving 100 pregnant ladies the mean blood hemoglobin level was 13 gm/dl with a sample variance of 9 gm/dl.What can you say with 95% confidence about the population mean blood hemoglobin level?    

9. A mother brought her 2 year old child in Peads OPD with history of growth failure & delayed milestones such as walking & teething. The radiograph of this child is:

a. Identify the condition shown in this radiograph.                              (1)
b. Which vitamin’s deficiency or excess leads to this condition?        (1)
c. Suggest preventive measures to improve the child’s health.            (2)

 a. Identify the diagram                                       (2)
      b. What would happen if its contents are drained in the river without treatment?     (2)

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