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Friday, September 16, 2011


(Multiple Choice Questions)

Q.1 A male of sixty years presented with progressive visual deterioration with
perception of halos around light. Examination revealed IOP of 32 in Right
Eye and 26 mm of Hg in Left Eye, open angle and ‘snow flakes’ like material
on the surface of the lens. The possible diagnosis in this case would be:
a)Pigmentary glaucoma
b)Pigment dispersion syndrome
c)Essential iris atrophy
d)Pseudo exfoliation glaucoma
e)Neovascular glaucoma

Q.2 While playing with the child the mother sustained nail injury to the eye
following which she developed pain, redness and intense watering from
that eye. What is the most probable diagnosis of this case:
a)Lid injury
b)Conjunctival ulcer
c)Corneal ulcer
e)Blow out injury

Q.3 A young male sustained head injury during road traffic accident and a clot
was removed from the left temporal lobe leading to partial dysfunction of
the corresponding areas. Which of the following field defect is the
characteristic for left temporal dysfunction:
a)Right upper temporal
b)Right lower temporal
c)Right upper nasal
d)Right lower nasal
e)Central vision

Q.4 A baby age one month  is  brought to the ophthalmic clinic with findings of
haziness and slight ly larger size cornea noted  on both sides. What do you
think is the probable diagnosis in this infant?
a)Congenital rubella infection
b)Congenital Cataract
c)Congenital glaucoma
d)Light coloured Iris

Q.5 A young boy was presented in the eye clinic with blunt trauma to his left
eye with a ball. There was a superficial corneal ulcer involving the
inferotemporal quadrant of the cornea. Which of the following is the best
management for this young boy:
a)Use of antibiotic eye drops
b)Use of antibiotic eye ointment
c)Bandaged contact lens
d)Use of antibiotic and eye patching
e)No management required and it will heal by itself


Sarah said...

where r the answers to theses mcqs:(

Young Doctors' Research Forum said...

Answers are in the book :)

Anonymous said...

which book? can you please give us the title and the author. thank you

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