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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Concept and basis of Socialogy And Anthropology. Definition and description

Sociology is the branch of the social sciences that studies the structure and behavior of societies. In sociological terms the word society has a broad definition. It can be virtually and group or location that has identifiable demographic characteristics. Sociology will study concepts such as notions of morality, societal rules and … Keep Reading → expectations, and factors that influence behavior within the society. The study of a particular group is only limited by the access to information that may be obtainable about the group and its members. Anthropology is similar to sociology but with some notable differences. Like sociology, anthropology is concerned with aspects of human culture, but unlike sociology it places considerable emphasis on elements such as history and biology to understand the identity of the group being studied. Anthropologists often compare groups against other groups to establish similar origins and/or customs.


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