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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Sharon said...

hi, my eyes are slightly red almost near the medial angle of the eyes. Also, i have noticed a slight bump in the scelera of my left eye and that my iris near that bump is not round, the iris has moved a little bit.Can you please tell me more about it? how to treat it?
Also, there is a picture which in this site which shows what i have clearly.

Anonymous said...

what does one mean with the comment - uterus is anteverted and bulky in size?

Young Doctors' Research Forum said...

A normal one.
If you look at a diagram of a woman from the side her vagina goes from her vulva up and back to the cervix and then the uterus goes straigt up or falls slightly forward from the cervix. That is an anteverted uterus.
A woman's uterus is typically tilted slightly forward or anteverted, but in certain cases it is tilted back and described as being a retroverted uterus.

Dr. Muzammil said...

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